Forum Guidance and Rules

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Group Guidance and Rules

  1. As Fashion on Earth’s name suggests this space is for sharing best practice on sustainability solutions, information, collaboration and making the fashion industry a better place. Please be respectful and generous with your exchanges. We want to create a community that is open, welcoming, inclusive and genuinely helpful. Sustainability as we know is extremely complex and there is often no right or wrong answer. Always be constructive. This is your space.

  2. No recommending yourself/partner's/family member/business networking colleague's/best friend's business if you wouldn’t use them yourself.

  3. No bad mouthing businesses or brands. Fashion Revolution has a policy of not calling out brands.

  4. Before posting please use the search function if possible to see if others have already posted the same/similar query

  5. Any bullying/foul mouth/abuse will not be tolerated and offenders will be removed without warning.

  6. Please stay on topic - no event advertising, chit chat, gossip, flat adverts, job ads, fundraising requests etc - this all clogs up the page. But please do connect on other issues in a more personal space. We all love to hear from each other in a more personal way, but this space is strictly business.

  7. Posts where either party is financially rewarded for participating in are not permitted.

  8. Members must not Block any of the Admin Team whose names are listed below.

  9. If someone posts something that breaks the guidelines, you can flag it or please tag one of the admins so we can remove it.


If there are any problems please reach out to any member of the admin team.