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This Fashion Revolution Week, Fashion Open Studio invites you to virtually step into designer's studios and meet the people that make your clothes. 

A series of digital events will showcase 60 designers across 20 countries, each one pushing the boundaries of what it means to work within fashion in 2021. 


Image: Anciela


This workshop will show you how to make yarn from an old tee, use your fingers to knit, and fill those holes in your jumper. Bored of a knit and want to add some colour and patchwork, or knit something new? Olivia Rubens will provide the base and you build what you want.

RAWAN MAKI: Revive and Relove - the Value of Giving our Garments a New Lease on Life

Rawan Maki, London-based brand and designer on the RETURE fashion upcycling platform, shares her design process behind upcycling the garment of her client Arizona Muse.



Film screening

A film capturing the demonstration of Sobajo's current project where they are working with internally displaced women to teach them hand embroidery skills.

Screenshot 2021-04-24 at 14.34.59.png


Upcycled Indigo Dyed Canvas 

This workshop will present the possibilities for connecting traditional craftsmanship and upcycling. A short film shot in Modrotlač Rabada's print studio will guide guests through Matej Rabada and Pavol Dendis' practice.

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